East Woodhay Society

The local society for the residents of the wonderful area of Woolton Hill and the local hamlets within East Woodhay

Newsletter May 2011

East Woodhay Society

The East Woodhay Society continues to thrive and now has over 120 members.

The Society has held a number of events already with more in the pipeline. The daffodil walk on the 26th March along the new board walk between Trade Street and Fullers Lane and then on to the East Woodhay Village Hall was a great success with over 80 people joining in. At the halfway stage, walkers were treated to cakes, biscuits and refreshments. Even the heavy shower on the return trip did not manage to dampen the walkers’ spirits. On the 20th April there was a second walk in partnership with the East Woodhay Parish Council, which again drew a large crowd who were treated to refreshments at the halfway stage.

The Society has organised a series of bike rides with the first one on the 16th April. Many of the riders said how much they enjoyed discovering non-road routes through the village. Please join us for the next one on the 14th May as described below or the one after that on the the 25th June. You will find all the details on our website www.wooltonhill.com/ews_news .

Our first major social event is a Curry & Quiz evening on the 4th June with all tickets now sold. As the hall facilities available for events are limited, especially compared with our membership, please book early for future events.

The Society via Elizabeth Gillespie applied for funding for the improvement of playground facilities by East Woodhay Village Hall. While we made it onto the shortlist of 20 out of about 1,000 entries we were not one of the lucky five winners. Nevertheless, we would like to say Thank You to all of you who supported our application.

Subject to the necessary approvals, the Society intends to improve the footpath running between Fullers Lane and East Woodhay Village Hall by adding a further set of boards to run alongside the current single width boards. If you would like to volunteer either on the evenings of 29th, 30th June or 1st July or on Saturday 2nd July please contact John Angle on 253889.