East Woodhay Society

The local society for the residents of the wonderful area of Woolton Hill and the local hamlets within East Woodhay

Newsletter August 2011


The circular walk on 10th July, starting at Rookery Farm and led by Elizabeth Gillespie was well attended by both young and older members. It was great to see so many young children having a wonderful time.

The longer walk on the 17th July was less well attended, due to the very wet weather, but was enjoyed by the small number of walkers who completed the course.

The routes of the walk can be found via the following web link: http://www.walkjogrun.net/members/EastWoodhaySociety

The Chase is reopening to walkers on foot on the 18th August with the car parks, subject to no adverse weather, being opened on Sunday 11th September to coincide with our Scavenger Hunt, which has been organised with the full support of the National Trust. The hunt will start at 3pm  and will utilise all 3 paths – Access / Flat path, Adventurer / Wellie path and Dog Walker path.  This will familiarise EWS members with the new paths and also ensure that the hunt covers all the areas of the chase e.g. heathland, meadow, lake and copse areas.  The clues will cover all aspects e.g. memorial, bridges, trees, cattle, flowers, birds etc. with varying amount of difficulty. To cover the cost of prizes there will be small nominal fee for entering the hunt. Refreshments will be supplied. The Celebration Launch of the Chase will take place on the 9th October between 11am and 4pm.

Draft Residential Amenity Design

EWS has been invited by the Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council to submit representations by the 5th September to the Draft Residential Amenity Design Guidance document, which sets out to ensure that new dwellings provide an appropriate amount of amenity space, that they benefit from an appropriate degree of privacy; and that they receive appropriate levels of light and have an appropriate outlook. If you would like us to make any particular comments please let us know.

Mapping the Wildlife Habitat

EWS has been invited by the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust to send one or two delegates to a meeting on the 16th September at which there would be presentations about a scheme for mapping the wildlife habitats within the parishes. Two members of the Committee have put their names forward, but if you feel that you would like to be involved please let us know.

Review of progress on the Parish Plan

The Committee has reviewed the issues raised in the Parish Plan and will publish its findings in the next newsletter.

Crafty Craft Race– May 2012

The Committee is planning to enter the 2012 Crafty Craft Race and has started to construct a craft suitable for the event. We need some ‘skilled’ volunteers to help us complete the work, so if you think you would like to join in the fun please let us know. We have yet to decide on the team, so any ideas would be welcome.

Zumba Classes

For those members interested in Zumba, there are two new classes starting up in the Woolton Hill Church Hall on Mondays & Tuesdays. For the Tuesday night slot, starting 6th September, contact Emma Newman on 07595 270506. More details will be added to the website when available.

Call my Bluff

Our next social event is the Call my Bluff wine quiz on Saturday 29th October. Further details will be posted on our website www.wooltonhill.com/ews_news  and in Spectrum.

Victim Care Packs

Sergeant 564 Sam Dunlop and a colleague Russ Cox of the Hampshire Force Control Room are looking at what Hampshire Constabulary currently give to victims of crimes in respect of “Victim Care Packs” and how and when they offer them. They are looking at everything from the care pack name, the content, information accessibility, overall branding and design of what they could provide in the future.
The Victim Care Pack currently contains:-
“What happens next” leaflet which explains the Criminal Justice Unit (CJU) process
“Your Voice Counts” leaflet
Local newsletter for the neighbourhood where the crime took place
Additional information relevant to the crime type and district focus E.G. Domestic Violence/Theft From Motor Vehicle

They would like your views or feedback on:-
1) What information the aggrieved to any crime would like to receive or have access to (Generic and/or tailored information?)
2) What information is most useful to an aggrieved
3) Title of information packs – what do you think about them being called Victim Care Packs? Any other suggestions?
4) Accessibility of information and suggested format
5) Anything else you would like to give feedback on regarding the current packs or suggestions for the development of the idea of a care pack or similar idea.

There remit is to start completely afresh and to create whatever is best for anyone who wishes to access or receive this information, addressing current day customer satisfaction on a cost effective viable basis.

Please reply to Tel Number 0845 045 4545 and ask for 71- 5125
Mobile: 07720 305613

If you like to make contact or raise an issue please send an email to eastwoodhaysociety@wooltonhill.com.