East Woodhay Society

The local society for the residents of the wonderful area of Woolton Hill and the local hamlets within East Woodhay

Newsletter December 2011

East Woodhay Society

The Committee would like to wish all its members a Good Christmas and a Happy New Year.



The Committee are all working hard on finalising our next set of events and will publish details of these in our next newsletter.  In January we will begin the engineering work on our Newbury 2012 Crafty Craft Race entry.  If you have engineering skills or would like to be involved please let us know.

We have been investigating arranging theatre trips to London, but need to know what sort of plays or musicals you would like to see.  The coach would pick you up close to your home and drop you off by the theatre.  So please let us know your views.


East Woodhay Society Website

The website at www.wooltonhill.com/ews_news has been modified to make it much easier to locate items. The main change is that most of the category items have been replaced by drop down boxes at the top of the screen, so if for example you want to see the crime report for August then select Police Reports, 2011 and then August.


27th Annual Christmas Walk

As stated in last month’s newsletter for the past 26 years there has been an annual Christmas Walk supported by residents of both East Woodhay & Highclere on the 27th December each year. The route, starting & finishing points are varied from time to time and this year’s walk will start and finish at the Furze Bush in Ball Hill. The provisional meeting time is 10.30am, photographs at 10.45am and a prompt start at 11.00am, but please visit the www.wooltonhill.com  diary page for the latest details. The walk is an interesting cross country route, which will include parts of North End & East Woodhay. Although the route is not too demanding, you will need sturdy waterproof footwear. It is not suitable for pushchairs, but well behaved dogs on leads are most welcome. As per normal, there will be hot mulled wine and mince pies provided free of charge by a local lunch club ‘Los Jubilados’ who will also collect donations for a local worthy charity. This year’s chosen charity is Jacksplace (Charity Number 1002832), which is part of the Wessex Children’s Hospice Trust. The walk is supported by both the Highclere and East Woodhay societies and over the years has raised considerable sums for good local charities.


Heating Oil

The Society has been asked a few times in recent weeks whether it is aware of any heating oil clubs in the area. It is not our intention to make any recommendation, but we thought that members might like details of the one club we are aware of. There could be others, so please let us know if you know of any.

The club is run by Lanie Allen who organises a bulk purchase scheme and has, we believe, about 400 members. Lanie sends out an email at the end of each month asking how much you need, with a minimum delivery of 500 litres, and then phones around to get the best price on a bulk order of about 20,000 litres. Lanie then advises you of the delivery date and you pay the supplier direct on delivery or by postal invoice within one week. She charges £10 per annum to cover her telephone costs etc. Her phone number is 01488 658168. If you do use the club it would be useful to have some feedback about your experience.


Board Walk

The new Board Walk, which was recently installed, has become a bit slippery due to wet leaves and mud, so the Society approached a member of the EWPC to suggest that if they purchased suitable wire mesh the Society would try and find volunteers to lay the wire.  We are pleased to report that the EWPC have decided to undertake all the work in the near future.


Review of crime statistics within East Woodhay and other Parishes in 2011

The summarised statistics for 2011 for the parishes of Ashmansworth, East Woodhay, Highclere, Burghclere, Newtown, Litchfield, Ecchinswell & Sydmonton are shown below. If you would like more detailed information please go the individual monthly reports or go to the summarised historical statistics on our website.       


Month                                  Jan  Feb Mar Apr  May  Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Totals

House Burglary                    1      1              0       1        0      2    0     1      0     0               6

Sheds & Outbuildings         1      2               2     12        9      3    6     3      3     3              44

Theft from Vehicles            3      2               5       1        2      1    1     1      2     2               20

Other Theft                          3      6               2      5        3      2    4     6      4     4               39

Other Crime                         7      3             10      8        8      5    6     8      7     7               69

Total Crimes Recorded     15   14             19     27      22    13 17   19    16   16              178


Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations 

As part of the Queens Diamond Jubilee it is hoped to achieve 100 Beacons throughout Hampshire and we have been asked by the EWPC whether we as a Society would like to work with them and others on this as a collaborative project. If you would like to be involved please let us know. EWPC have also contacted Highclere Parish Council, Ashmansworth Parish Council and theHighclere Society.


Highclere Film Club, Highclere Village Hall

Although it is advertised on   the www.wooltonhill.com website some members may not be aware that ther is a thriving Highclere Film Club. The next film will be Water for Elephants on Thursday 12th January 2012.  This film is a romantic drama based on Sara Gruen’s award winning novel.  It stars Reese Witherspoon, Robert Pattinson and Christoph Waltz. 

On Thursday 19th January, there will be a  showing of Love’s Kitchen, a romantic comedy.  This is a special event with the producer and director talking before the film and with a Q&A session after the film. There will also be food available at this showing! 

On Thursday 26th January, Sarah’s Key, a French drama starring Kristin Scott-Thomas will be shown. 

For all Thursday films, the bar opens at 7.30pm and the films start at 8.00pm.

On Sunday 29th January there will be a Members Film, which will be decided on the night.  Members can make suggestions and the choice is by consensus of opinion at the time.  The bar opens at 6.30pm and the film starts at 7.00pm.  This film is free to members of the film club.

The dates for films in February are Thursday 9th, Thursday 23rd and Sunday 26th.

See www.highclerefilmclub.co.uk for further details.


Promotion of the Heritage of the Borough Grant Scheme 2012-2013

We have been invited to submit an application for funding under next year’s Promotion of the Heritage of the Borough Grant Scheme.  The aim of this budget is to support small projects which increase access to or awareness of the heritage in our area.  Historical research alone is not eligible, but could be part of a promotional project. For example, printing promotional leaflets on the history and activities of our area. Applications must be received by 31 January 2012 with the grants being made in March 2012. The projects must be completed by the end of March 2013. If you would like us to consider a project, please let us know.


Local Development Framework

The latest on the blueprint for future development within the borough has just been published. The key point is that 8 greenfield housing sites have been identified with a further 2 sites in reserve if any of the former can not be built on within 15 years. None of these sites are within the parishes of East Woodhay and Highclere. For further information go to



The Chase

Heather Fisher has sent me an update on the Chase, which is included below:-

The paths are continuing to be laid and I hope you agree that they are now looking really nice. There is a lot of mud near the car park though this it to be expected with heavy machinery in and out; once finished, this will be tidied up. Waymarkers have started to be put in both by volunteers and by students at the Clere School. Once they are all in place they will have the bands painted and waymarker discs will be put on top. The lake has now been fenced mainly to keep the cattle from poaching our new bankside revetments, hopefully it doesn’t disrupt the view too much for people, we are very happy with it and think that it blends in nicely. Evidence that the cattle are doing their job can now be found throughout the site with selected trees having their bark stripped and vegetation started to be grazed off though clearly there is a lot more for them to get through. We now have a blog that has several articles on it and is definitely worth a look. Find it at thechasenaturereservent@wordpress.com


The Society continues to attract new members and now has 175 members.  If you would like to join please print off a copy of the form on our website www.wooltonhill.com/ews_news and send it via email to eastwoodhaysociety@wooltonhill.com. With our ever increasing membership, we would welcome some of our members volunteering to join our committee. If you would like to become more involved please send us an email.