East Woodhay Society

The local society for the residents of the wonderful area of Woolton Hill and the local hamlets within East Woodhay

Newsletter October 2011

Call my Bluff

There are still some tickets left for our next social event, the Call my Bluff wine quiz on Saturday 29th October.  If you would like to join us please contact one of the Committee Members for tickets or send an email to eastwoodhaysociety@wooltonhill.com.

The  “CALL MY BLUFF”  Wine and Cheese evening will be at Woolton Hill Church Hall on Saturday 29th October at 7:30 pm. So come along and

  • Listen to the so-called experts pontificate 
  • Decide as a team, which one of the three experts!!! knows their wines
  • Have a sample swig yourself 
  • Separate the “hint of wheat” from the “aftertaste of chaff” and spot the bluffers 

Points mean Prizes for the winning team  and no one loses as you finish the bottle(s) with a generous helping of Cheeses !

Tickets on sale now priced £10 for members and £12 for their guests.

 Cycle Ride on Sunday 16th October

East Woodhay Society Off-Road Bike Ride Sunday 16th October 2011 starting at 10am from the entrance to Blindman’s Gate

Joe of JW Cycles has a good route through Penwood that he would like to share with you.

It will be off-road, so suitable bikes required, and will take a minimum of an hour – please note that Penwood has some very steep sections and can be a bit technical in places.

Apologies for short notice, but the riders need to go before it gets too wet.

 Winter talks

Following our two successful social events the Society is currently in the process of inviting some ‘high-profile’ speakers to talk to us on local/topical subjects.  The talks will be held in the first three months of next year. More details about dates and venues will be published in later issues of the newsletter.

 Heath End recreational facilities

The EWS is currently working with the EWPC in raising funds and putting forward proposals for the refurbishment /replacement of the Heath End recreational facilities. Although we now have most of the funds available, we may need to raise a bit more money before we and the EWPC can give the financial go-ahead.  Once we have all the finance available, we will once again invite comments from members and local residents about their views about the proposed playground equipment before proceeding.

 Review of progress on the Parish Plan

Following the review of the Parish Plan, see details on our website, the Committee has updated the website to include all local planning applications. This will be updated on a regular basis and should prove to be an easy way for you to see what is being proposed.

Review of crime statistics within the Parish

A question, which is often raised, is whether crime is on the increase or decrease, so a summary of the crime statistics for our parish is now on the website, together with all the individual police reports.

To date the figures for the parishes of Ashmansworth, East Woodhay, Highclere, Burghclere, Newtown, Litchfield, Ecchinswell & Sydmonton are:-


Month                                         Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Totals

House Burglary                             1     1              0      1      0    2     0     1                                  6

Sheds & Outbuildings                   1     2             2     12     9     3     6     3                                38

Theft from Vehicles                      3     2             5       1     2     1      1     1                                16

Other Theft                                   3      6            2       5     3     2      4     6                               31

Other Crime                                  7      3           10      8     8     5      6     8                               55

Total Crimes Recorded              15    14          19     27   22   13    17   19                            146


Month                                         Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Totals

House Burglary                             1     0      0      0      2      0    0     1     1      0      0      1         6

Sheds & Outbuildings                   4     2      2      0      3     6     9     8     0      4     13     9       60

Theft from Vehicles                      3     2      2      3      4     5     2     4      2     8       5    13       53

Other Theft                                   2      6     6     10     3     5     3     1      6     4        1     4        51

Other Crime                                  7      8     8       4    16     5     6     6     6     6       8      5        85

Total Crimes Recorded              17    18   18     17    28   21   20  20   15   22     27   32      255

 Potholes and other road issues

One of the issues arising from the Parish Plan was the state of our roads with respect to potholes etc., so if you spot any problems please either advise us via our website or, if you prefer, report them directly on http://www3.hants.gov.uk/transport/roadproblems.htm

 Campaign to Protect Rural England

The EWPC has proposed that EWS advise members about the Campaign to Protect Rural England regarding the Government’s new plan to assume in favour of development. The EWS understands that as East Woodhay Parish is within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty it will not be affected by the proposals. Although too late for Spectrum readers, members on the email list were advised that any responses had to be submitted before 17 October.

The following has been reproduced from the original information:- 

Government announcements over the last year have envisaged a reformed planning system that would be simpler, promote real sustainable development, reduce top down driven planning, and encourage the involvement of local people in shaping the places where they live through Neighbourhood Planning and locally produced Local Plans; all of which are objectives which CPRE and CPRE Hampshire support

CPRE Hampshire have stated that they believe that the recently published draft NATIONAL PLANNING POLICY FRAMEWORK (NPPF) UNDERMINES ALL THESE FINE
IDEAS. They also believe that outside nationally designated landscapes, the NPPF is a charter for essentially unrestricted development on any piece of land on which someone wishes to build, largely without regard to our love for our countryside or the beauty of our natural environment – or the Local Plan!

You may be worried about the implications for Hampshire, where all green fields outside our National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty would be at risk. This would extend beyond the current housing growth areas and bring in our larger rural settlements. Ultimately all non-designated countryside would be under threat.

Base on the above you may wish to write to your MP & local Councillors- a
template letter is found at www.cprehampshire.org.uk.

Please note that the consultation deadline is the 17 October 2011.


The Society now has 158 members.  If you would like to join please print off a copy of the form on our website www.wooltonhill.com/ews_news and send it via email to eastwoodhaysociety@wooltonhill.com.

If you would like to join the Committee, and help plan some events please let us know.