East Woodhay Society

The local society for the residents of the wonderful area of Woolton Hill and the local hamlets within East Woodhay

Newsletter August 2018

Barn Dance:

Please can I encourage everyone to join us for the Barn Dance on Saturday 29thSeptember at Woolton Hill Church Hall and make this a real community event.

The Aldbrickham Band  will help us through the steps and it is always a good laugh.  It starts at 7:30pm and will end at 10:30pm. Tickets are just £15 for adults and £10 for under 16s and this includes a Ploughman’s supper. Just send me an email or call on 250898 and I can drop tickets round to you.

Any profit will go to our charity The Rosemary Appeal (see below)

Walks, Footpaths and Hedges

Our regular Friday morning walks, which are around 3 miles in length, start at 10.30am and last around an hour. 7th and 21st September will be from St Thomas’ Church Hall where we also finish with a welcome coffee/tea. The walks on the 14th and 28th of September will be from the Rampant Cat.

A reminder on hedges – with the summer also comes the rampant growth of hedges and general foliage.  It is a good time, if you have a hedge which borders a footpath or a road, to make sure these are cut back.  It can be dangerous for those walking if they have to move into the road due to an overgrown hedge.  Please also prompt neighbours if you see something which needs to be done.  Whilst mentioning garden maintenance, ditches need to be clear for the good functioning of water flow and, as leaves are starting to fall, this is particularly important.

Our Chosen Charity – The Rosemary Appeal:

Since the original launch of the Rosemary Appeal in 2016 the overall target of the project for the new Renal Dialysis and Cancer Care Units has increased from £4.5 million to just over £5.315 million. On completion these units will provide essential facilities for the local community, including day therapy, chemotherapy, renal dialysis, IV therapies and a CT scanner.

It is great news that there has been significant progress and the fit-outs of both Units are almost complete with just over £5.1 million being raised and they hope to reach the final target later this year.

Some examples on costs and how raising money helps:

£45 pays for an aromatherapy session

£150 covers the cost of a mobile IV drip stand pole

£200 buys a blood pressure monitor

£300 covers the cost of an infusion pump

£700 buys a treatment couch

£1,400 brings a Lymphoedema Compression Unit to the centre

£14,000 buys a dialysis machine

A little bit of the history to the name: The Rosemary Appeal takes its title from Rosemary Rooke, who donated land to the Newbury and Thatcham Hospital building Trust (NTHBT) in her will. When the land was sold, the money was managed by NTHBT and used to build the new Community Hospital. To commemorate Rosemary’s dedication to the people of Newbury and West Berkshire and her support for the local Hospital, the Appeal has been named in her memory.

Upon the completion of the building, the Hospital will be known as the Rosemary Centre in recognition of Miss Rooke’s generosity.

As we make our donation via The Good Exchange, The Peter Baker Foundation and Greenham Trust matches and therefore doubles every pound we raise – thank you for your continued support.

Gainsborough Stud

You may have seen the feature I wrote on Gainsborough Stud in September Spectrum. If not, I have included it here, along with the previous one I wrote on Patricia Barnes, our litter warden, within the Community Features section of the EWS website

Council Consultations – Boundary Changes:

Thank you to those who submitted responses to the two consultations highlighted in July’s newsletter.   There is, however, another consultation, ending on 15 October 2018, which Basingstoke and Deane is undertaking and this will have an impact on us.

In general, the proposal concerns new council wards, ward boundaries and ward names across Basingstoke and Deane.  However, it does not affect the boundary for our Parish Council.

The Commission’s draft recommendations propose that Basingstoke and Deane should have 54 councillors in future which is 6 fewer than now. The recommendations outline how those councillors should represent 18 three-councillor wards across the borough.  i.e. what this means is that instead of having a dedicated councillor (Clive Sanders), East Woodhay would be merged with the Burghclere, Highclere and St Mary Bourne Ward to form ‘Western Parishes’, resulting in all three councillors covering this whole area.  As each councillor would start / finish their terms on different years, as would our Hampshire Councillor, it would appear we would probably be asked to vote every year.


The Map of the Proposed Boundary Changes

Click here for more detail

Click here for the consultation feedback

Ongoing Information During the Month:

Between newsletters you can keep up-to-date with information, which occurs within the month, by connecting to our page on Facebook (@eastwoodhaysociety).  Please do also let me know of community events/topics so that I can share.

East Woodhay Planning Applications in August:

Hyperlinks are available on each application to their respective planning application on the B&D website.

Belle Vue South Woolton Hill Newbury Hampshire RG20 9UT

Ref. No: 18/02184/RET | Received: Wed 25 Jul 2018 | Validated: Wed 25 Jul 2018 | Status: Registered

11 Fairacre Woolton Hill Newbury Hampshire RG20 9UF

Ref. No: T/00293/18/TPO | Received: Wed 08 Aug 2018 | Validated: Wed 08 Aug 2018 | Status: Registered

Hazeldene Broadlayings Woolton Hill Newbury Hampshire RG20 9TR

Ref. No: T/00295/18/TPO | Received: Tue 07 Aug 2018 | Validated: Mon 13 Aug 2018 | Status: Registered

15 Longmead Woolton Hill Newbury Hampshire RG20 9XY

Ref. No: 18/02290/HSE | Received: Fri 03 Aug 2018 | Validated: Mon 13 Aug 2018 | Status: Registered