Police Report


This is the crime summary for the month of June 2015 for the parishes of:

Ashmansworth, East Woodhay, Highclere, Burghclere, Newtown, Litchfield, Ecchinswell & Sydmonton and St Mary Bourne & Stoke.

Total Crimes reported – 23

House Burglary – 0

Criminal Damage – 3

Burglary other than a Dwelling – 3

Theft from Vehicles – 1

Theft of a Vehicle – 0

Other Theft – 1

Other Crime – 15


The current Neighbourhood Policing Priorities for the Basingstoke and Deane District are…


House Burglary

  • We have received no reports of dwelling burglaries this month


Non Dwelling Burglaries

  • We are seeing a lower number of non dwelling burglaries across the area, especially along the border with West Berkshire.
  • The primary targets for thieves are sheds and garages with some business premises also being targeted. Power tools remain the number one stolen item, along with trailers and vehicles including quad bikes, 4x4s and buggies.
  • Ensure that your shed is locked and alarmed and please note serial numbers of all items and consider registering these onwww.immobilise.com.


Traffic issues

  • Speedwatch have been continuing to measure traffic speeds in the Woolton Hill area and are now visiting the Ball Hill road.
  • Enforcement will continue to be carried out by local officers, duty time permitting.


Incidents of note

  • 02/06/15 – Offenders unknown have attempted to gain entry to a business premises in the area of Ball Hill. Nothing taken.
  • 10/06/15 – During daylight hours, an unknown person ahs shot a rifle in the area of Breach Copse in Burghclere. This copse is a private woodland area and is surrounded by properties on Pound lane and Harts Lane. A stray bullet from the rifle has hit the conservatory door of a property and has caused significant internal damage to the property. Although we do not believe that this was targeted in any way, we are concerned that someone was using a rifle of such calibre that it could cause this damage, in such a small area close to houses and people. We would like to hear from anyone who has any information about this incident. Ref 44150196413
  • 17/06/15 – 18/06/15 – Offender unknown has forced entry to a shed at a school in Woolton Hill. A toll box was stolen. Ref 44150206003
  • 26/06/15 – St Mary Bourne -  Unknown offender has pulled a bench from the ground in the recreation ground. Ref 44150217202
  • 29/06/15 – A male was seen in two gardens in Burghclere, on the Ox Drove and Harts Lane – Another resident of Harts Lane has reported discovering her garage door had been opened by an unknown person. Nothing taken. Ref 44150220715
  • 29/06/15 – 30/06/15 – A lorry driver has reported that fuel has been siphoned from his vehicle’s tank overnight. The vehicle was parked on a lay by on the A34. I ask that suspicious incidents are reported to police immediately. Take note of nearby markers to assist police in finding the exact location. Previously jerry cans have been located in hedgerows covered with tarpaulins. Look out for things which appear out of place in fields or roads which lay adjacent to the A34 or other places where vehicles are likely to stop overnight.

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