This is the crime summary for the month of February 2015 for the parishes of:

Ashmansworth, East Woodhay, Highclere, Burghclere, Newtown, Litchfield, Ecchinswell & Sydmonton.

Total Crimes reported – 12

House Burglary – 0

Criminal Damage – 1

Burglary other than a Dwelling – 0

Theft from Vehicles – 1

Theft of a Vehicle -0

Other Theft – 2

Other Crime – 8

February 2014  – Total crimes reported – 14 (including 4 x burglary other and 6 x theft from a vehicle)


Your local Neighbourhood Policing Team needs your help in setting our local Community Policing Priorities for your new policing area, for the 3 months from April 2015.

In order to focus our resources effectively in the community we need you to tell us the issues that are affecting you the most. Our aim is to reduce anti-social behaviour and crime as well as to make your neighbourhood a safe place to live and work.

Please spare just 5 minutes to complete this survey to give us a clear understanding of the issues that matter to you.


Click on the above link to complete just 8 short questions and have your say.

The current community Policing priorities for this area are:-

Prevent thefts from garages, sheds and outbuildings (including theft of metal)

  • We have been fortunate on the beat this month and have not seen any non-dwelling burglaries.
  • However, there were thefts of Bronze Statues in Inkpen and Hamstead Marshall, which are very close to the Hampshire border. Please take steps to ensure that valuables in your garden are protected.
  • On the 4/2/15 - A report was received from a Penwood resident that lead has been stolen from her roof. We cannot be certain how long ago the offence took place.
  • Please remove all items from your garden which could be used by offenders to force entry to any premises.
  • Remove any scrap ASAP, by means of transporting household waste to a tip, or, using a reputable licensed scrap collector.

Reduce anti-social behaviour across the beat area

  • 09/02/15 – 22:45 – Beacon Hill Car Park – Report received from passing motorist, unknown persons shining a green laser pen at cars on the A34.
  • 20/02/15 – Bishops Green – Known female reportedly flagging down motorists and challenging their speed, despite the drivers reporting that they were significantly below the speed limit.

Reduce speeding across the beat

  • Woolton Hill Community Speedwatch are active!
  • The team have so far been out on 3 occasions :

05/02/15 – 1330 – 1500 on the C5 outside of Woolton Hill Junior School

19 offenders over 30mph – Top Speed 40mph

12/02/15 – 1325 – 1515 on the C5 outside of Woolton Hill Junior School

21 offenders over 30mph – Top speed 41mph – 131 total vehicles monitored

20/02/15 – 1000 – 1140 on the C5 near to Gainsborough Stud

23 offenders over 30mph – Top speed 40mph – 135 total vehicles monitored

  • Highclere Community Speedwatch will be up and running shortly, we are still actively seeking volunteers for these areas, the more the merrier. Please contact me if you are interested.
  • Officers are planning additional speed enforcement across the beat and will advise me of these results, I intend to publish statistics in monthly updates throughout the year.

PC Stickland has been assisting in some speed enforcement across the beat this month with one ticket issued for 41mph in Burghclere.

  • If you are concerned about speeding please address this with your local parish council or directly with me. Parish councils can make us aware of places in need of speed enforcement and these can then be added to our approved list of sites for enforcement.

Other incidents of note

  • Theft of Oil – 13/02/15 – Newtown, Tothill – Resident noticed that her boiler would not start, at this time she noticed that her oil tank had been drained between mid January and the time of calling.
  • Assault – 06/02/15 – A roadside worker was threatened by a male with a knife on the A343 near to Penwood. A silver Ford Fiesta was sighted, at this time we have not identified a suspect. 44150042915

Reporting to police

There have been a number of suspicious incidents reported to police by local residents recently. This is fantastic and the information that it can provide us with can help to assist in solving crime.

Unfortunately I must ask that those reporting incidents of any sort do so via our main Enquiry Centre. Please do not email Richard or I directly as this can lead to a delay in investigation of the incident.

Remember if you think something is suspicious, there is good reason to report it to police. Always use the 101 number for non-emergencies. Please think, what makes it suspicious? What may the people/vehicles be in the area for? Can you provide a description or vehicle registration number? Have you spoken with the people? Did they make you more or less suspicious?

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