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This is the crime summary for the month of January 2015 for the parishes of:

Ashmansworth, East Woodhay, Highclere, Burghclere, Newtown, Litchfield, Ecchinswell & Sydmonton.

Total Crimes reported – 19

House Burglary – 0

Criminal Damage – 4

Burglary other than a Dwelling – 1

Theft from Vehicles – 5

Theft of a Vehicle -1

Other Theft – 1

Other Crime – 7


The community Policing priorities for this area are:-


Prevent thefts from garages, sheds and outbuildings (including theft of metal)

  • There was one attempted burglary from a barn in Highclere between the 13th and 16th January. Offenders entered the garden, supposedly on foot leaving their vehicle well out of sight. They have used items within the garden to force entry to the barn. Nothing taken.



Reduce anti-social behaviour across the beat area


Reduce speeding across the beat

  • Woolton Hill Community Speedwatch have now received their Speedwatch kit and have begun training volunteers and then the team can begin checking for speeders across the area.
  • Officers are planning additional speed enforcement across the beat and will advise the results, which will be published monthly.
  • If you are concerned about speeding please address this with your local parish council or directly with me. Parish councils can make us aware of places in need of speed enforcement and these can then be added to our approved list of sites for enforcement.


Other incidents of note

  • Attempted theft – Oxdrove, BURGHCLERE – between the 4th and 7th January, unknown offenders have entered the garden of a property on Oxdrove, they forced a bronze statue from its concrete plinth. They have moved the statue but discarded it elsewhere in the garden.
  • Criminal Damage – There have been two reports of damage caused to a fence along a footpath in Ecchinswell. Unknown offender has cut barbed wire to gain access to private land. The footpath is located along the Ecchinswell – Kingsclere road. Signs have been placed along this footpath appealing for witnesses and have been removed on several occasions, we suspect the offender is removing these also and this could amount to theft.
  • Criminal Damage – Knights Lane – Between the 15th and 16th of January an offender has caused damage to a parked vehicle. It appears as though the damage has been caused by a key or similar implement.
  • Theft from a vehicle – A vehicle parked at Beacon Hill on the 25th January was targeted by thieves. The rear window was smashed and a bag removed.
  • Thefts from vehicles – 28th – 29th – 4 vehicles were targeted by thieves in the Woolton Hill area – 2 vehicles had windows smashed to gain entry  as items were left on display and subsequently taken. 2 other vehicles show no sign of forced entry and were searched. Black Fat Face coat stolen from within one vehicle.
  • Theft of a vehicle – 29th – 30th – BMW 530 stolen from the driveway of a property in Douglas Ride, Woolton Hill. The vehicle was stolen without keys and there were no signs of damage left at the scene. The vehicle has since been located by Thames Valley Police and will now be assessed for evidence.


Reporting to police

There have been a number of suspicious incidents reported to police by local residents recently. This is fantastic and the information that it can provide us with can help to assist in solving crime. Unfortunately I must ask that those reporting incidents of any sort do so via our main Enquiry Centre. Please do not email Richard or I directly as this can lead to a delay in investigation of the incident.


Remember if you think something is suspicious, there is good reason to report it to police. Always use the 101 number for non-emergencies. Please think, what makes it suspicious? What may the people/vehicles be in the area for? Can you provide a description or vehicle registration number? Have you spoken with the people? Did they make you more or less suspicious?


If you believe a crime is in progress, offenders are on scene or there is serious threat to person or property, dial 999.


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