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This is the crime summary for the month of August 2014 for the parishes of Ashmansworth, East Woodhay, Highclere, Burghclere, Newtown, Litchfield, Ecchinswell & Sydmonton.

Total Crimes reported – 22 (plus a further 2 not officially reported at the time of writing)

House Burglary – 0

Criminal Damage – 3

Thefts from sheds and outbuildings – 3

Theft from Vehicles – 13 (+2 not officially reported)

Other Theft – 2

Other Crime – 1


The community Policing priorities for this area are:-

Prevent thefts from garages, sheds and outbuildings (including theft of metal)

  • 13/08/14 – 14/08/14 – Break in at Stables in Well Street, Burghclere. Nothing taken at this time.
  • 22/08/14 – 23/8/14 – Shed entered in Eagle Road, Bishops Green and tools stolen.
  • 22/08/14 – 24/08/14 – Attempted break in to an outbuilding of a property in Ecchinswell. No entry gained, nothing taken.

Please see the below link for Crime prevention advice in your home, scrolling down for Sheds and Outbuildings –

Reduce anti-social behaviour across the beat area

No reports received of significant anti-social behaviour relating to the general community

Reduce speeding across the beat

  • The safety camera van is continually being deployed across the beat area.
  • Please see information on Community Speedwatch Scheme above.

Other incidents of note

There has been an increase in the number of suspicious incidents and possible poaching incidents reported in the rural area. Please contact POLICE immediately if you see something or someone suspicious.

  • 05/08/14 – 06/08/14 – Wellington boots stolen from the porch at an address in Ecchinswell.
  • 31/07/14 – 01/08/14 – theft from a vehicle. A lorry parked at Tothill Services was targeted and metal ramps taken. These would have required a large vehicle to take them away as they were very heavy.

Theft from vehicles 26/08/14 – 29/08/14

  • Crux Easton – 27/08/14 0050 – Offenders arrived in a vehicle outside a fairly isolated property and forced entry to a vehicle parked outside of the property and removed some tools from within. The occupants of the house disturbed the offenders who then made off at speed.
  • Woolton Hill – 26/08/14 2300 – 27/08/14 0700
    • Broadlayings. Passenger window smashed with a large rock, offender/s took cash from within the vehicle
    • Mason Court. Passenger window smashed and handbag taken from the vehicle
    • Harwood Rise. Vehicle entered, no sign of forced entry, change taken and other items moved around.
    • Woolton Lodge Gardens. As above
  • Burghclere – 28/08/14 2359 – 29/08/14 0800. No signs of forced entry. Possible indication that offences occurred at about 0200.
      • Ayres Lane. Vehicles entered, items taken from one vehicle include small change and a solar charged torch.
      • Harts Lane. Vehicles entered, items taken include coats (coats located and returned to victim), pen knives and change.
      • Church Lane. Vehicles entered, searched and some small items taken from within one vehicle.
      • Cobbett’s view – Police are aware that 2 offences took place here however full reports have not been received at this time.

Crime prevention advice – While areas such as Woolton Hill and Burghclere continue to have relatively low crime rates, they are still targets for thieves. Please get in to the habit of locking doors, sheds, garages, cars etc., please don’t make access easy for criminals.

Please follow the advice provided below to prevent your car becoming the next target.

When leaving your car, close all windows and lock your car.

Park your car in an attended car park.

Look for public car parks approved by the Park Mark scheme.

When parking at home, use your garage. If you don’t have a garage, park in a well-lit area.

Don’t leave anything on display in your vehicle.

Take all your personal possessions with you.

Remove sat nav holders and visible sat nav ring marks from windscreens.

Leave the glove box open to show there’s nothing inside.

Fit an alarm or immobiliser to your car.

Record the details of your property on the Immobilise website

Do not store your car’s documents in the car.

Secure your wheels using locking wheel nuts.

More information about alarms can be found on the Thatcham and Sold Secure websites.

Please consider CCTV for your property, various systems are available at a range of prices, for more advice please contact local police.

Contact your local Safer Neighbourhoods Team on 101, via email:

Hampshire Constabulary,

Whitchurch Police Station, Dances Lane,

Whitchurch, Hampshire, RG28 7EG

External: 101

Twitter: @HighclerePolice


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