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This is the crime summary for the month of July 2014 for the parishes of:


Ashmansworth, East Woodhay, Highclere, Burghclere, Newtown, Litchfield, Ecchinswell & Sydmonton.

Total Crimes reported – 21

House Burglary – 1

Criminal Damage – 5

Thefts from sheds and outbuildings – 1

Theft from Vehicles – 2

Other Theft – 6

Other Crime – 6

The community Policing priorities for this area are:-

Prevent thefts from garages, sheds and outbuildings (including theft of metal)

  • Following a very busy May and June for these types of offences, I am pleased to report that we have had just one report of a theft from a shed this month.
  • Occurrence between 28th June and 5th July. Chainsaw taken, Whitway, Burghclere.

Reduce anti-social behaviour across the beat area

  • We continue to receive reports of motorbikes in the woods in Bishops Green. Patrols are being carried out; at this time there have been no sightings by officers. If offenders are caught they are likely to be dealt with by Section 59 Warnings. These can result in the seizure of vehicles.
  • Those with scrambler bikes or similar are advised to find suitable locations where permission is given for off road vehicles.
  • Please note that BY WAYS (Green lanes) still require a vehicle and driver to be fully compliant with traffic laws, vehicles must have a registration plate, MOT, insurance etc and drivers must be insured to drive that vehicle and hold a valid licence.
  • With the summer and good weather upon us we have seen a small rise in the number of complaints regarding neighbour noise, parties in to the early hours etc. Please be mindful of your neighbours and ensure noise is kept to a minimum, particularly later into the evening.
  • If you have a noise complaint these should be made to BDBC Environmental Health Department, on 01256 844844.
  • Abbey has recently met up with Kerri SWINFIELD, the local Community Safety Patrol Officer responsible for some areas on the Highclere Beat. Kerri deals with some Anti-Social Behaviour issues and is there to ensure the safety and well-being of all people in the community. She will be on patrol regularly and reports of ASB can also be made to the council offices to ensure that she is aware of ongoing issues should they arise.

Reduce speeding across the beat

  • The safety camera van is continually being deployed across the beat area.
  • Officers have been carrying out additional speed checks in 30mph zones. Coming soon to your area!
  • Recently, Traffic officers have been deployed to Ball Hill and Richard has been covering Ecchinswell/Brocks Green.
  • One person has been dealt with by means of fixed penalty notice in Ball Hill.
  • In Brocks Green a verbal warning was given to a driver who was just in excess of the speed limit.
  • Abbey has been in contact with some locals who have previously shown an interest in a Community Speedwatch Scheme. The idea of this scheme is for volunteers to carry out speed checks on 30mph roads, providing advice and a deterrent to those who speed. If you are interested in knowing more about this scheme then please contact Abbey for more information.

Other incidents of note

  • 11/07/14 – Criminal Damage to three vehicles, Kestral Gardens, Bishops green.
  • 16/07/14 – Criminal Damage to one car in Kestral Gardens, Bishops Green.
  • 23/07/14 – Criminal Damage to one car in the car park of a block of flats on Beech Road, Bishops Green.
  • 15/07/14 – 16/07/14 – Theft of large wooden gates from St Michael’s School, Burghclere.
  • 26/07/14 – 28/07/14 – Theft of electric cable from a building site, Ecchinswell.
  • 18/07/14 – 19/07/14 – BURGLARY – Theft of vehicle – Theft of number plates. Overnight, offenders unknown have entered a property on Andover Road, Washwater. Whilst in the property offenders have removed the keys to an Audi TT TFSI in Black. The offenders have then made off in the vehicle. The same night in a possibly linked event, number plates have been stolen from vehicles parked on the forecourt of a nearby car sales garage.

Anyone with any information relating to this crime please contact PC Bannerman via the 101 number quoting 44140257478

CAR KEY BURGLARIES – A number of other offences targeting high performance vehicles have been reported across the north of Basingstoke district. The majority of cars targeted in these offences are high performance vehicles. It can happen to others, vehicles may be stolen to use in crime and no vehicle is safe from the attention of thieves. Car key or “vamoose” burglaries often happen when car keys are left next to an open door or window of a building or, in some extreme cases, when thieves have put a long stick or fishing rod through letterboxes to hook the car keys and make off with the vehicle. In extreme cases, thieves place an implement through the letterbox to pull down on the door handle (UPVC doors) from inside and then enter the property to remove the car keys.

Offenders have also been known to climb in to properties through windows.


  • Where possible, park your car in a garage.
  • If you can’t park your car in a garage, park your car in a well-lit area – either on your driveway, or on the road under a street lamp.
  • Make sure that your vehicle is properly dead-locked and that the alarm and immobiliser is fully activated.
  • If your car does not already have an alarm or immobiliser, consider having a Thatcham approved product fitted.
  • Lock all car windows and doors.
  • Keep your car keys away from any windows and doors to prevent them from being “fished” through letterboxes, or seen by opportunist thieves. However, make sure you know where they are in case of fire.
  • Consider installing a letterbox deflector.
  • Ensure that your front door is locked correctly (lift handle and turn key if UPVC door).
  • Close and lock all windows, especially on the ground floor.
  • If keys have been taken, change car locks immediately

If you have any information regarding any of the incidents detailed in this update please contact us either by email or calling 101

If you know someone who is involved in criminal activity, have information relating to crimes that have occurred, but you do not want to call police directly.. Then please visit https://crimestoppers-uk.org/ or call 0800 555 111.This is a free and anonymous service.

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