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Newsletter September 2013

East Woodhay Society Newsletter for September 2013

 East Woodhay  Society & Other Events


The Society put on two very successful plays on the 3rd August; the first one in the afternoon was The Lion & the Mouse, a play specifically adapted for children and the second in the evening was Men of the World by John Godber.  Both plays were performed by FalconGrange Productions and were well received by the enthusiastic audiences.

Wednesday 11th September – Goodbye to Su & Raj

As you may know by now, Su & Raj at the Post Office & Stores are leaving tomorrow. There will be a small presentation at the Post Office & Stores at 1pm.  Please see item below for other details.

Saturday 9th November – Woolton Hill Church Hall

Our next event is a ‘Call My Bluff’ wine tasting quiz on Saturday the 9th

November, starting at 7.30pm, so if you have not yet bought your tickets, please call John Angle on 253889 or send an email to the address below.  Tickets for this event normally sell out very quickly and cost £10 for members and £12 for non-members.

On the 9th November, Su & Raj have been invited to join us at the wine tasting, where they will be a presentation to them to say a BIG THANK YOU for all their hard work and dedication since taking over many years ago. Caroline Cole, the East Woodhay Parish Clerk, is collecting donations towards a gift and if you would like to contribute please pass your donation on to Caroline, who lives at Entre Nous in White City. It is the fifth house down the road on the left as you walk down the hill towards the Post Office & Stores.


Other Events

Thursday 12th September – Highclere Film Club

The new autumn film season begins with a free screening, for members, this Thursday 12th September, so go along and join in the fun and enjoy a luxury film experience in Highclere Village Hall.

The first film “Song for Marion” is a comedy about a grumpy pensioner Arthur who is reluctantly inspired by his wife to join a local choir. Arthur learns to embrace life as he embarks on a hilarious journey of musical self-discovery. Starring Terence Stamp and Vanessa Redgrave.

7:30pm, Admission: Free to all members!

For future events the price of admission is £4.00 for members and £6.00 for non-members and will include:-

29 September: Lincoln – Spielberg’s historic biopic starring Oscar Winner Daniel Day­­-Lewis and Sally Field

10 October: Les Misérables – acclaimed musical adaptation of the classic Hugo novel starring Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe

31 October: Hitchcock – The love story of Alfred Hitchcock and his wife set during the filming of Psycho starring Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren

14 November:  French Evening – screening of ‘Beautiful Lies’ starring Audrey Tautou along with a French Supper all for £10 per person

Saturday 12th October – Red Hat Salsa at Highclere Village Hall

Tickets for this event are available from Mary McQuillen on 254264.  Tickets cost £12.50, to include a chilli and rice supper.  The evening starts at 7.30pm with a short coaching session from an experienced Salsa dancer from the Red Hat Salsa Group, followed by the supper and then it will be Salsa dancing for the remainder of the evening.  And for those who discover they have two left feet, there will be a number of members of the Red Hat Salsa group on hand to assist. It should be fun!

Saturday 19th October – Big Curry Evening at the Red House, Highclere


The event, which costs £15 per person is in aid of ABF – The Soldiers’ Charity. Last year it raised £2,300. Please contact the Red House on 01635 255531 for further details.

Membership Renewals

A few months ago we decided to delay membership renewals until September to avoid the conflict with summer holidays.  These are now due and you will shortly receive a reminder to renew your membership. We trust you will all renew.

Harwood Paddock

Based on the responses of our members, the Society submitted two sets of comments re the outline planning applications for Harwood Paddock. It was the highest response the Society has ever received for an online questionnaire, so a big thank you to all you members who took the time to complete the form. The overwhelming view was that Harwood Paddock should not be built on, although some members were in favour of 49 or less houses being built. The main concerns centred on the impact on sewerage, education, roads, doctors’ surgery, wildlife and parking. The amount of community land being made available was considered too small to be of any real use, but if it were to be made available, the majority view was that it should be used for allotments or a sports facility such as a squash court. At their request, a summary of the results was passed on to the East Woodhay Parish Council to be included in their submission of residents’ views.

1.    Do you think Woolton Hill has sufficient 1-2 bedroom houses?

Yes: 60% -18           No: 40%-12       Total responses (TR)-30

2.    Do you think that East Woodhay Parish has sufficient affordable housing to meet local needs?

Yes: 68% -21           No: 32% -10      TR-31

3.    Do you think that Harwood Paddock should be used for new housing development?

Yes: 16% -15           No: 84% -26      TR-31

4.    Do you agree with the proposal to build up to 67 houses on Harwood Paddock?

Yes: 10% -0            No: 90% -31      TR-31

5.    Do you agree with the proposal to build up to 49 houses on Harwood Paddock?

Yes: 10% -3            No: 90% -27      TR-30

6.    If the development were to go ahead, do you have any concerns about the impact on any of the following?

Schools & Education                81% -25

Doctor’s Surgery                      71% -22

Roads                                         77% -24

Parking                                      68% -21

Post Office                                61% -19

Sewerage                                  90% -28

Wildlife                                      68% -21

Increased risk of flooding        52% -16

7.    If the development for up to 49 houses were to proceed it would include some community land to be made available to the EWPC. Do you think it is large enough to be of real benefit to the community?

Yes: 14% -4            No: 86% -25      TR-29%

8.    If it were to be made available what would you like to see there?

New health centre                                   29% -7

New community hall                                29% -7

Sports facility eg squash court               42% -10

Allotments                                                 54% -13

Village Agent

Meet  Sarah Garland,  the newly appointed  ‘Village Agent’ volunteer  for Highclere, East Woodhay and Ashmansworth area.  She is part of a Hampshire County Council’s- funded programme aimed at reaching out to older people in rural areas.

The idea behind Village Agents like Sarah is to signpost people over the age of 55 to a variety of services that will enable them to live independently in their own homes for longer.

Sarah, who is a volunteer for Age Concern Hampshire, the organisation which coordinates the programme, said: “The Village Agents are well respected volunteers who operate in rural areas of the County, identified by Age Concern Hampshire and Hampshire County Council, where there are older people who might need information and support. My voluntary role is not to compete against other agencies already in place, but signpost where there is a need. I have lots of resources and contacts and have undergone training by Age Concern Hampshire. I will also receive training from Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service and will be able to carry out Free Basic Home Fire Safety checks for older people.”

Sarah also said “I hope to get to know  a lot of people in the area  and am busy making as many contacts as possible to reach some older people who may be isolated and in need of support if they wish it.”

Sarah can provide information about many issues including

  • Getting out and about: where to get transport for shopping, who organises trips, where to get help getting to the hospital appointment and local activities and events.
  • Around the home: in her role for Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service, Sarah can provide a free home fire safety survey. She can also help point towards a selection of reputable trades people, show where to look for care options, gardening help, home maintenance, using a computer and keeping safe and warm in winter.
  • Money matters: Sarah is not an advisor, but she has direct contact with the staff and volunteers in Age Concern Hampshire, Information and Advice Unit, who are trained advisors.
  • Security: Sarah can also help organise local presentations on subjects such as Scams or rogue traders through her direct link with Hampshire County Council’s Trading Standards.

If you want to chat to Sarah and put any of these things to the test she can be contacted direct on 07806 659449 or highclereva@ageconcernhampshire.org.uk. Alternatively if you cannot reach Sarah then call free to 0800 328 7154 where your message will be dealt with in Age Concern Hampshire or your details passed on to Sarah.

Ever considered handbell ringing?

St Thomas’ Handbell Ringers are recruiting.  Because of the retirement of one member and the temporary long-term absence through illness of another, they are looking for some additional ringers to join the team.

Minimum requirements are a sense of humour, the ability to count to 4 and to know your left hand from your right.  Familiarity with reading music, while helpful, is not essential.  They aim to achieve a reasonably high standard, while still having fun.

They rehearse in St Thomas’ Church, Woolton Hill, from 4.15 till 5.30 on Thursdays and undertake a number of performances during the year which may be daytime or evening, usually locally, sometimes further afield, but not so far outside Hampshire/Berkshire. Their main audiences are schools, rest homes, social groups and fêtes.

To find out more – without any obligation to take it any further – please  call Jenny Veasey on 01488 657911 or Nicole Bentham on 01635 255582.

Police Reports

This is the crime summary for the month July of 2013 for the parishes of:

Ashmansworth, East Woodhay, Highclere, Burghclere, Newtown, Litchfield, Ecchinswell & Sydmonton.

Total Crimes reported –  23

House Burglary – 0

Criminal Damage – 3

Thefts from sheds and outbuildings – 1 (Attempt)

Theft from Vehicles – 2

Theft of a vehicle –  0

Other Theft –  5

Other Crime – 12

This month saw a significant decline in the number of thefts from sheds and outbuildings, however there are still suspicious vehicles and people seen in suspicious circumstances, which may be involved in attempted thefts or looking for potential targets. Please continue to report these via the 101 number or 999 if you believe it to be urgent. They are very helpful calls!

There was one theft of oil reported this month. Please contact Abbey for information about how to best secure your tank.

Hampshire constabulary’s website has some information on Oil Tank Security that is worth a read http://www.hampshire.police.uk/internet/news-and-appeals/2013/july/hampshire-constabulary-offers-advice-to-beat-rural-oil-thieves. On 27/07/13 at approximately 03.00 a caravan was taken from Oakley Farmhouse Caravan site in Washwater. Did you see any suspicious vehicles in the area? We are potentially looking for a transit type van with several occupants. A similar incident occurred one month before from the same site between 22/06/13 – 23/06/13 when a caravan was taken from an address in Washwater.

Between 13/07/13 – 14/07/13 a trailer with a speedboat on suffered a blowout near to Tothill Services on the A34 Northbound carriageway. The   trailer and speedboat were left in a layby at 2030. On return the nest day the owner of the speedboat returned at 1100 to find the trailer and boat had been removed.

Remember… You can call crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111

The community Policing priorities for this area are :

Thefts from sheds & outbuildings (including theft of metal)

Anti – Social Behaviour


Prevent thefts from garages, sheds and outbuildings (including theft of metal)

Reduce anti-social behaviour

Numerous reports of Anti-social behaviour have been reported this month, although a number of them are personal.

A number of calls were received regarding noise and possible illegal raves. These transpired to be fully licensed/private functions or parties within a residence where the occupants were asked to turn their music down.

Motorcyclists are still being reported for use of vehicles illegally and in an antisocial manner across the beat. Statements are being obtained with a view of issuing section 59 warnings to offenders. This could result in vehicles being seized. Motorcyclists are reminded that there are areas where the use of off road motorcycles is legal. Please look into this as an alternative, use of vehicles off road, particularly in residential areas is extremely dangerous and can result in serious injury or death of unsuspecting pedestrians.

There has been a reduction in the complaints regarding Bishops Green ASB.

Reduce speeding across the beat

Speed enforcement has been carried out across the beat including the deployment of the safety camera van with some people being reported for speeding.

Enforcement will continue where possible.

Patrol vehicles have been parked up in key spots to slow down drivers at busy times and speeding traffic monitored.

Other incidents of note

Illegal Raves! During summer months the force sees an increase in illegal music events. If you see large numbers of vehicles, foot traffic, evidence of speakers or other equipment being carried around in rural areas, please call us to report these circumstances and help us locate offenders who often cause significant disturbance and disruption to local communities.

If you are a landowner/manager who is concerned about raves occurring on your land we offer some simple target hardening advice. Ensure fields with fences/hedges and gates are secured at the end of each working day. Empty barns are secured where possible. Open fields with no fences/hedges are made less accessible by ditch digging; this will also deter poachers and travellers. If you do not have gates on your fields, can you place another barrier in place? Some use logs or large concrete blocks which can only be removed by heavy machinery.

If you suspect a rave might be planned in your area or that one may be in progress please call us on the non-emergency number.

This is the crime summary for the month August of 2013 for the parishes of:

Ashmansworth, East Woodhay, Highclere, Burghclere, Newtown, Litchfield, Ecchinswell & Sydmonton.

Total Crimes reported –  16

House Burglary – 0

Criminal Damage – 0

Thefts from sheds and outbuildings – 3

Theft from Vehicles – 3

Theft of a vehicle –  0

Other Theft –  4

Other Crime – 5

This month the rural area saw an increase in thefts from Shed/Outbuildings. Mostly offenders are targeting barns and farm properties, or industrial storage sites.

On 30/08/13 – 0130 a quad bike was taken overnight from a farm in Old Burghclere; it is likely to have been moved on a trailer.

An attempt to enter a farm building was made in North End. Again this happened in the early hours, however it is believed they were disturbed by an alarm and have made off empty handed.

On 06/08/13 entry was made to a container near Bishops Green, a disc cutter, hydraulic breaker and generator were taken.

Between 07/08/13 – 09/08/13 a John Deere ride on Lawnmower was taken from a garden in Adbury.

The community Policing priorities for this area are :

Thefts from sheds & outbuildings (including theft of metal)

Anti – Social Behaviour


Prevent thefts from garages, sheds and outbuildings (including theft of metal)

Ensure good quality locks are used on out buildings. Padlocks with alarms are available from the beat team at around £10. Contact Abbey if you are interested in purchasing these.

Items in outbuildings can be marked and registered, contact Abbey for advice.

Reduce anti-social behaviour

There have been reports of antisocial behaviour in Ecchinswell, Woolton Hill and Burghclere.

In Ecchinswell males were drinking on the playing field and playing football. When a groundskeeper was attempting to mark the pitch he was targeted with abuse and footballs were kicked at him.

Similar behaviour was reported in Woolton Hill where a group of males were seen drinking, being loud and inconsiderate to local residents. Another male was then seen urinating in public.

Noise complaints were received in Burghclere, a group could be heard shouting and screaming and disturbing local residents.

The males were not located.

If you wish to report anti-social behaviour, please do so whilst it is on-going as this can help us to identify offenders and deal with it effectively and efficiently.

Those responsible for anti-social behaviour will be dealt with and housing associations notified if relevant.

Reduce speeding across the beat

We have received various reports about vehicles which regularly speed through the village of Ecchinswell, driving in an anti-social manner or driving dangerously will not be tolerated and can result in vehicle seizure.

Speed enforcement has been carried out across the beat including the deployment of the safety camera van.

Enforcement will continue where possible.

Patrol vehicles have been parked up in key spots to slow down drivers at busy times and speeding traffic monitored.

Other incidents of note

Bishops Green one way system: Following numerous emails, it was apparent that a large number of people were failing to comply with the one way systems that had been put in place along Featherbed lane and Hyde Lane.

Officers have spent time in the area and drivers have been receiving fixed penalties and points on their license!

The number of reports has decreased however there will remain a police presence in the area during the remaining few weeks.

Beauty Spots! 2 reports received on the same day within the beat area, one witnessed a suspicious vehicle, and this sighting resulted in a male being arrested and charged for the offences.

Thieves target beauty spot car parks, if you park in any car park follow the advice below.

Please ensure that all valuables are removed from vehicles when parked even for only a few minutes (including not leaving handbags under seats !!) Glove boxes are not safe, ensure no valuables are left and leave them open to show thieves, there is nothing to take!

Matt & Abbey


Hampshire Constabulary,

Whitchurch Police Station, Dances Lane,

Whitchurch, Hampshire, RG28 7EG

External: 101  Internal: 624-472

Mobile: 07775541874

Twitter: @HighclerePolice

Email: abbey.carpenter@hampshire.pnn.police.uk

Website: www.hampshire.police.uk

Follow us on Twitter: @HighclerePolice

East Woodhay Society

If you are interested in joining the society please print off a copy of the form on our website www.wooltonhill.com/ews_news and send an email to eastwoodhaysociety@wooltonhill.com. If you would like to respond to any of the items above please use the above email address.