BDBC Local Development Framework

The Core Strategy is the long term spatial vision for the Borough, strategic policies and sites for the overall delivery objectives of the LDF.  Resulting from the new homes consultation, it is proposed that the new home distribution in the LDF should be based on a Basingstoke focus and a spread of larger settlements within the borough.  The proposed new home settlement sites are Basingstoke, Bramley, Kingsclere, Oakley, Overton and Whitchurch.  The total number of new homes proposed in the LDF is 594 per annum over 16 years.  We were advised that existing settlement boundaries will remain as they are.  Following on from this, BDBC have a copy of a leaflet providing further information regarding the LDF, available at www.basingstoke.gov.uk/browse/environment-and-planning/planning/ldf 

West Berkshire Core Strategy

Members of the planning team recently attended a presentation about West Berkshire core strategy and intends to submit a response to the consultation on behalf of the parish.  The core strategy considers the Sandleford site behind the rugby club across toward Newtown.


Members of the parish plan working party were recently recognized at a reception held by the Mayor of Basingstoke along with representatives from other parishes who have been through the same exercise.


Settlement Boundary

Woolton Hill falls within a Settlement Policy Boundary under Policy D5 in the Local Plan 1996-2011 and has over two thirds of the total population of around 3,000. The Parish lies within the North Wessex

Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and rises from the River Enborne in the North to Pilot Hill, (at 286m the highest point in Hampshire), on the South West boundary and the Parish covers an area of 2,095 hectares (5079 acres or nearly 8 square miles).  A map showing the area can be found at:


http://www.eastwoodhay.org.uk/default.asp?pageid=193&page=About Parish



Our local Police Beat Officer, Matt Deery, is now fully trained and licenced to operate as a speed gun enforcer.  PC Deery has asked for suggestions for areas where you feel speeding is a problem which he can target.  Please e-mail any suggestions to matthew.deery@hampshire.pnn.police.uk


Salt Bins

A salt bin in the link road between Douglas Ride and the ‘lower’ road has now been installed.  Salt bins for Woolton Lodge Gardens and Trade Street at the junction with the C5 are awaited, as is replenishment of the bin at the bottom of the hill in Gore End Rd.  A salt bin in The Mount (requested by a resident) has been requested to Hampshire County Council.


Caroline Cole

Clerk to East Woodhay Parish Council


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